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On this page you will find testimonials from our customers.

Distance Learning - Advanced C++ - Programming Models, boost and Parallel Computation

The "Advanced C++ - Programming Models, boost and Parallel Computation" distance learning course covers the latest C++ development techniques. It covers templates and generic programming including how to implement generic patterns. It also covers the core boost libraries and multi-threading and multi-processor programming techniques.

After programming C++ for more than 20 years I wanted to learn modern C++ techniques, patterns and boost. This course is exactly what I expected, very up to date, deep and challenging. Daniel has a very deep knowledge of C++ programming and he is always willing to help you learn.

J.A.R, Valencia, Spain.

The Distance Learning C++ course titled "Advanced C++ - Programming Models, Boost and Parallel Computation" by Datasim Financial provides a comprehensive introduction to the C++ programming language. The first three modules cover the essentials of C++, namely inheritance, polymorphism & generic programming, as well as an introduction to Design Patterns & the STL. Modules four through seven introduce more advanced ideas drawn from Boost. Boost is a near de-facto industry standard & knowledge of these libraries is invaluable if the course participant is intent on a career that utilises C++ heavily, for example mathematical finance. The material covered here will allow the user to quickly develop real-life applications utilising the Boost functionality. Modules seven & eight introduce parallel programming concepts that in my view are or will quickly become a C++ paradigm (given the rapid development of multi-core processors & grid compute technology). Finally module nine draws on Daniel's knowledge & implementation experience to provide an overview of C++ design in practice.

From my numerous attendances of previous courses instructed by Daniel I have found him to be highly knowledgeable, both in C++ & mathematical finance, with strong communication skills & a keen interest in answering challenging questions posed by participants (both during & after the course has finished).

Robert Doubble
Head, Quantitative Analytics, BP Oil International

Advanced C# for Computational Finance and Derivatives' Pricing

The inhouse course "Advanced C# for Computational Finance and Derivatives' Pricing" by Datasim Financial provides a great foundation of applying C# for financial modelers and quants. The trainer, Daniel Duffy, managed to give a thorough introduction to the programming language and showed the application to financial problems. The three day course was ideally suited to even manage some hands-on programming exercises. Our team profited a lot from this course since we were in a position to use the examples from the course as starting points for building our own applications.

Daniel Duffy has a great talent for presenting complex topics and leading courses. He keeps the audience interested and manages to increase the curiosity for the subject.

From the fundamentals of C#, financial models to the illustrated use of design patterns - this journey with an excellent tour guide was worth each minute!

Jörg Kienitz
Head of Quantitative Analysis, Deutsche Postbank AG