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Distance Learning C++ for
Universities and Banking

C++ and its Application in Finance

This is one of the few distance learning C++ courses that takes you all the way from basic C++ through to object-oriented programming and creating applications in combination with the Standard Template Library (STL) and boost library. The course consists of six dedicated modules each of which dealing with one particular aspect of the language. The course has been created and is supported by Dr. Daniel J. Duffy who has been working with C++ since 1989 and who has currently written seven books on object-oriented design, C++ and their applications.
This course is suitable for those who wish to learn C++ step-by-step and applying it to the creation of small and medium-size applications in finance. The emphasis is on a rigorous approach to learning C++ so that you do not miss any important language issues that help your code to be efficient, robust and extendible.

Click here for the full course description.